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Lebanon - 10000 Livres 1998 P76 Commemorative

Is this a commemorative note? Some said yes but others said no. I have posted this note as a commemorative note issued in 1998 celebrating the country Martyrs' Day (as claimed by some). Whilst this note has no commemorative text printed on, to celebrate this occasion, it should be noted that not all commemorative notes issued have specific text added to the design, as banknotes have been issued in such manner to celebrate special commemorative occasion by many countries. Martyrs' Day in Lebanon is celebrated on 6th of May. It started on 06.05.1916 when Ahmed Djemal Pasha, an Ottoman military leader ordered the execution of several Lebanese Nationalists in Beirut at the Burj Square. This square has since been renamed the Martyrs' Square. Apart from Lebanon, the Martyrs' Day is also celebrated in Syria for the similar reason as Syrian Nationalists were also executed on order of Ahmed Djemal Pasha in Damascus at the Marjeh Square on the same day in 1916. The design on the reverse depicts a patriotic monument. This monument was inaugurated on 6.3.1960 by the Italian sculptor Renato Marino Mazzacurati at the Martyrs' Square. I could be wrong, but this is the first note that this monument has appeared on a banknote in Lebanon.

Ten Thousand Livers
Dated 1998

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