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Maldives - 2017 Issue

Five Rufiyaa
Dated 2017, Prefix A
Five Rufiyaa
Dated 2017, Replacement Prefix Z

Kyrgyzstan - 25th Independence & Currency Commemorative 2017

The Kyrgyz Republic - 25th Independence & Currency Commemorative 2017

Two thousand soms - эки мин сом
Bank of the Kyrgyz - кыргыз банкы

A commemorative note of 2000 Som, issued on 17.11.2017 to commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and also the 25th Anniversary of putting the Som Currency into circulation. Kyrgyzstan is a land locked country located in the Central Asia. In 1919, the country was annexed and became part of the Soviet Union empire and on 31.08.1991 it delayed independence, following the breaking up of the USSR empire. Since then, Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS) with members comprises of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Both Turkmenistan and Ukraine are also associated members. The note is predominantly printed in blue and is in vertical format both front and back.

Main features
Front – the monument of Manas on horseback. Manas was a national hero who united the Kyrgyz tribes.
Back – object of a tree like shape design, a symbol of life and prosperity, Khan Tengri Mountain which is situated on the China-Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border. A sailing Golden Eagle over mountain lake Issyk-Kul. Issyk-Kul is situated in the northern Tian Shan mountains in eastern Kyrgyzstan. The Issyk-Kul is the world 7th deepest lake and 10 largest by volume.

Two Thousand Som
Dated 2017

Nepal - 2012 Full Set

Signature - Governor Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwadai (22.03.2010-19.03.2015).

This is a full set all printed with the year date of 2012. Only 6 notes issued from 10 rupees to 500 rupees.The 1000 Rupees was not issued for this series.

Five Rupees
Dated 2012, P69
Ten Rupees
Dated 2012, P70
Twenty Rupees
Dated 2012, P71
Fifty Rupees
Dated 2012, P72
One Hundred Rupees
Dated 2012, P73
Five Hundred Rupees
Dated 2015, P74

Armenia - 500 Dram 2017 Commemorative "Noah’s Ark" Hybrid Note

The Republic of Armenia
Noah's Ark Commemorative

A commemorative note of 500 Dram released on 22.11.2017. This note commemorates Noah's Ark and is issued in a folder format. The banknote has been printed on Hybrid material - a high quality composite substrate based on a cotton paper, which is covered with thin polyester layers on both sides. The note also has a transparent window.

Front: Images of Reliquary with a fragment of Noah’s Ark and Monastery of Etchmiadzin (Mother of See Holy Etchmiadzin in Vagharshapat), Mount Ararat on the background. A free flying dove holding an olive branch in it's beak, signifying that dry land had was sighted. Both the watermark and the transparent window has the image of Noah's Ark.
Dated 2017
 Back: Images of Noah and his family with domestic and wild animals around them, with an eagle flying above them. The eagle is the national bird of Armenia. The back ground is Mount Ararat.
Security Features: Watermark, Security Thread, Transparent Window, Intaglio Printing, Microtext and Microimages, UV Feature, Kinegram and Optically Variable Ink.

Signatures: Central Bank of Armenia, Bank Chairman (Բանկի նախագահը) – Arthur Javadyan; and the Minister of Finance (Ֆինանսների նախարար) of Armenia – Vardan Aramyan.
Serial Prefix: ՆՏ (NT). NT stands for "Noyan Tapan" (Noah's Ark in Armenian)
Issued Date: 22.11.2017
Quantity: 300,000 pieces issued in an informative folder
Size: 140mm x 76mm
Imprinter: Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
Issue Price: 1,700 Dram each
Initial Restriction: 2 sets per person at the bank

As this is a numismatic product issued with a premium, it is unlikely the banknotes will been seen in general circulation. 
Front Cover
My personal opinion: -
I am not here to promote the Noah's Ark story. I have nothing against the story and whether you believe this or not is entirely up to you. As a collector, I am happy to see this commemorative issued.