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Armenia - 50000 Dram 2001 Commemorative

The choice of colours for this note is very unusual. It reminds me of those old notes issued where only few colours were used. For this note, it's all brown and grey, from very light to dark brown.

This commemorative note was issued in 2001, celebrating the country's 1700th of Anniversary of proclaiming Christianity in Armenia as State religion (301-2001). Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion. At the time of this issue, it was the largest denomination ever issued in Armenia. Only two prefixes printed with “ԷԱ” (EA) and “ԷԲ” (EB). This note is measured 160mm x 79mm.

The design of the note; -

Front: Depiction of Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin and a part of the arch. This church is located in the town of Vagharshapat in Armenia. The church was built between 301-303 by Saint Gregory The Illuminator;

Back; A cross-stone from Kecharis and a symbol of Christianity - Armenian Church in the hands of Saint Gregory The Illuminator and the King Trdat (Tiridates) the Great, Mount Ararat. Saint Gregory The Illuminatorwas the first head of the Echmiadzin Cathedral church. In the year 301, Saint Gregory The Illuminator baptised King Trdat and the members of the Royal Court as Christians.

Watermark: One big and two small crosses.

Signatures: Tigran Sargsyan (CBA Chairman) and Vardan Khachatryan (RA Minister of Finance)
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient, Germany
Release date: 04.06.2001

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