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Armenia - 100000 Dram 2009

Is this a commemorative note or is it not? If it was, then what was the celebration? I believe when this note was first reported, it did claimed that this was a commemorative note. However I am unable to find anything on the central bank website of Armenia to confirm that. This is the largest denomination of notes ever issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. The face value of this note is worth in excess of US$200+. Whilst this is in no comparison with the Euro, the design of this note looks more like a commemorative note than one that issued to meet the demand of the public. Only one prefix printed with “ԶԱ” (or ZA). This note is measured 160mm x 72mm.

Front: Portrait of King Abgar 5th, royal flag, crown, first century regional map, ancient gold coin;
Back: The disciple Thaddaeus handing the canvas of Jesus Christ to King Abgar 5th;

Watermark: Portrait of King Abgar the V and nominal value

Signatures: Arthur Javadyan (CBA Chairman) and Tigran Davtyan (RA Minister of Finance)
Printer: De La Rue
Release Date: 24.08.2009

One Hundred Thousand Dram
Dated 2009, P54a

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